Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jernaili Sadak


  1. Afzal Bhai, Askm

    My cousin brother has specially asked me to thank you for sharing this old treasure, since he was in AIR for a long time and was part of the Jernaili Sadak program when it was recorded in Sasaram. He also participated in that Sasaram Mushaira. It is a nostalgic feeling for him, in fact for all of us as it brings back our childhood memory of listening to BBC Urdu programs.

    Least to mention, the whole safar of Jernaili Sadak is worth listening specially for new(and coming) generations. Possibly, we could have never known the history of name 'Atak Benaras', the reason and total cost of making Qila Rohtas and thousand other facts.

    Thanks indeed.

    Jazak Allah Khair

    New Delhi

  2. Salam, after a request of my student Mohsin to write a review on Jernaili Sdak I read it again and got many important new informations, thanks to him and thanks to Mr. Raza Ali Abidi whom I met at Karachi a long time age. Keep happy and successful with all of your lovers and sincere.